Minimum Resume Requirements

First, have a resume!  In the last month, a handful of candidates contacted Integrated Staffing and did not have a resume.

Contact Information (clearly at the top of the page)

Include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.  Integrated Staffing has received resumes that did not have a phone number, or a number that was no longer working, or did not have voice mail ability.  If we cannot reach you, you will not have a chance at an interview!

Education Information:

Do not include your High School, after your freshman year of college.  List your most recent degree (if you have more than one) first (reverse chronological order).  Spell out the name of the university (Auburn University) and location (Auburn, AL).  Include your official degree title (Bachelor of Arts) and your major and/or minor.  If you have not yet graduated, rather than dates attended, include the month and year of anticipated graduation.

Experience (for chronological resume formats):

List present or most recent experience first (reverse chronological order).  Indicate the name, city, and state of the employer or organization.  Include your job title and the starting and ending dates (Month/Year or Semester/Year) for each item. Use present tense verbs to describe present positions and past tense to describe previous positions.  Avoid using first person (“I”) when describing experiences Avoid lengthy paragraph descriptions and instead use concise statements that can spark interest by a potential employer.

These three factors are the bare minimum to include in your resume.  Depending on the type of work and position level, you may need to include any special honors, certifications, or hobbies.

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