Employer Concerns With Employees

Integrated Staffing works with several employers/clients, operating a variety of businesses.  There are common threads of concerns in regards to employees that they all share.  As an employee, or someone seeking employment, here are the key points to consider if you want to be successful and an asset to the company.

Be On Time – you have a work schedule, with a set start time.  Your employer relies on you to be there at that time.  Being late shows a lack of respect for your job and your employer, and can negatively impact the company.  Unexpected circumstances may occasionally arise that would cause you to be late. In that event, a phone call to your supervisor/manager is in order – the moment you know you will be late.  But, make every effort to ensure this rarely happens.  Repeated situations will mark you as person who cannot be counted on, and could result in termination.

Work Ethic – this is more than just being on time.  Be fully present and focused on doing the job.  Save your texts and tweets for your break times, or after work.  Care about the quality of your work, by always striving to do your best, and taking responsibility for your actions.  Demonstrate initiative in learning and taking on new tasks.  Act with integrity.

Professionalism – Be respectful of all coworkers, management and customers.  Be a team player.  Don’t be a gossip monger or fuel strife among others.  Dress appropriately for the position, and maintain good hygiene.  Set a positive example for others.

By following these key points, you become a more valuable and appreciated employee.  This not only enables greater opportunities for growth, but also supports a more enjoyable work environment.

The previous points dealt with your actions and behavior once hired.  Another situation frequently encountered has to do with potential candidates.

Right Experience/Background – Integrated Staffing has seen many instances where individuals apply for a job for which they do not meet the minimum qualifications listed in the job posting, or have any previous experience related to the position.  When you do this, don’t expect a call back from the employment agency or employer!

If you are interested in a specific career, or line of work, there are options for obtaining the necessary education and skill sets.  Besides schooling, volunteer work or internships can help with not only developing the ‘real world’ experience, but to also build connections.

You are the only one responsible for your work or career success, make the most of it!

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