Latest Unemployment Rates

Following up on our previous blog, which discussed the latest jobs report, here are a few statistics from the latest unemployment report.  This report was published in March 2015.

So where does New York stand?  We are in 31st place, tied with Florida and Alabama.

Here’s how we compare to some of our neighboring states:

  • Connecticut 6.4
  • Massachusetts 4.8
  • New Hampshire 3.9
  • Pennsylvania 5.3
  • Vermont 3.8

And, if you are curious about who had the lowest unemployment rates:

  1. Nebraska 2.6
  2. North Dakota 3.1
  3. Utah 3.4
  4. South Dakota 3.5
  5. Minnesota 3.7
  6. Idaho 3.8

This shows that in New York you have competition for jobs.   Our next blog will discuss the sectors that are forecasted to have the greatest job growth, so check back with us!.

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