Job Follow-Up Tips

You found a job posting where the job duties and location are a fit.  You’ve perfected your resume, and wrote a cover letter that is geared specifically for the job you want.  Now comes the point where many job seekers mess up one of the simplest tasks – the follow-up.

Here are tips when working with an employment agency, such as Integrated Staffing.

You’ve submitted your resume, but have not been contacted…

Reach out via the contact information provided in the job posting.  Sometimes something unrelated to hiring – a conference or a project – could prevent you from hearing back about the job in the expected time frame.

You can send an email that week, but definitely give it a day so that the employer has time to review the resume.  Employment agencies receive several resumes and applications every day.

The text of the email can be something along the lines of, “I submitted my resume for [position title].  I wanted to follow-up to see if you need any additional information, as I am very interested in the position.”  If the job posting provided a phone number to call, you can use the same verbiage for the call.

Email or call a couple of times – not 10 times.   You don’t want to be a stalker!  Potential employers appreciate follow-up as a means of showing true interest and professionalism.  But, if you have not heard back after a couple of contact attempts, take the hint and “lay off”.  Persistent follow-up is a definite turn-off.

You were called in for the interview.  You got your foot in the door…

Follow up fast – like that day. Email the interviewer as soon as you can, from your smart phone or tablet if you have them, or from your computer as soon as you get home.   A thank you matters a lot.  Not only does it emphasize your interest, and demonstrate professionalism, your name is in front of the employer.

Be sure to individualize your thank you.  Use their name and mention something that was discussed during the interview.   Keep the message to a paragraph or two.

Consider sending a snail mail thank-you note, too.   Though some people consider a written note outdated, this may set you apart from other applicants.

Consider the timing of the hiring decision. If the interviewer says he or she will make a decision within a week, sending the note may be impractical due to mailing time frames.

Now make that positive impression!

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