Is a new job or career change one of your New Years Resolutions?

Lately I can’t help but notice that people have been pondering what they may have in store for themselves next year; As I see people starting to talk, think about and share their New Years Resolutions. If unemployed, this holiday may not have been as merry as you would have liked it to be. This is the perfect time to begin thinking positively about 2012. The new year will bring new opportunities and a new hope that things will be different while job searching. One positive thought to keep in mind, even though many employers are still shedding jobs, others are consistently hiring, looking for new employees and always searching for new talent.

As a staffing professional, I am here to say that there are some things you can do to improve your chances of landing a great job! Make these strategies part of your 2012 new years resolution:

Follow the employers’ job application instructions. Pay attention to the details and specifics of what the employer wants in a complete application packet. When recruiters have a high number of applicants in the pool, one of the first things they might do is screen out packets where the job seeker has submitted all the required materials. Make sure your application is neat, and if you have a chance to get something nice to put your resume in, it will be sure to stand out! Once you do fill out the application, find out who you can follow up with to try to schedule an interview.

Broaden your scope. Think about jobs you may have enjoyed in the past. You don’t have to look at jobs that are replicas of your last job. So, if you lost your job in sales at a manufacturing company, Consider sales in hospitality or in a Public Relations department at a local newspaper. Really think about what you are good at, and what you enjoy doing on your own time. People are always successful when it comes to doing something they are passionate about.

Explore some training to augment or enhance a skill or skills that you want to use more. Take a few courses at your local community college to enhance your knowledge in certain area’s that you may or may not be familiar with.

Actively seek job boards, go on websites and look for their “Careers” page, Apply to staffing agencies, newspapers, word of mouth, etc. A lot of companies that are hiring don’t always publicize it in the newspapers- you have to physically call, or apply on their website directly. Some great local sites for you to look at are:,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.

Network with people you know, find out if they know of any available jobs or can give you any pointers. Join a job club or a meet up group. Attend your local County Chamber of Commerce business mixers, They are filled with professionals and is a great way to get your name out there. Use social media outlets- this is a growing resource that is typically free that most employers are using to help find good, qualified candidates. You want to brand yourself as much as possible, providing accurate and up to date information will help you out immensely! Use Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, NYS Job Bank, Craigslist, Monster, Indeed, Chamber websites and of course LinkedIn. Attend job fairs- Let people know you’re available, and that until you find a job, finding a job is your full-time job!

Start your own business. Look around your neighborhood – what services do you see are needed?

Volunteer more. It keeps your skills current and you never know who you will meet. Not to mention, It looks great on your resume!

If you commit to at least three of these simple strategies and are passionate about it, your 2012 could be more than you hope for! Good luck and Happy New Year!

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