How to Write a Resume That Will Get You Hired

Trying to build the perfect resume can be overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to create a resume that will stand out to an employer!

  • Simplify it – Don’t feel the need to include every job you’ve ever worked at. Doing this can flood your resume with unnecessary information, and will make it longer than it needs to be. Keeping it short and sweet will make it easier for the employer to read through.
  • Organize it – Put your most recent experience first. Putting everything in reverse chronological order shows the employer the skills you’re most up to date on.
  • Shorten it – Try to keep your resume to one page. Only include relevant information. If there is a job you stayed at for only a few months, consider removing it from your resume. Listing temporary jobs is fine as long as the experience is relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  • Summarize it – When giving a description of the tasks you performed at a job, only include what is important. Do not include every detail of what you did every day.
  • Personalize it – Always include a phone number you can be reached at, as well as a professional email address.
  • Keep it Clear – When building your resume, it’s good to keep the formatting simple, the font readable, and to use correct spelling, and grammar. Proofreading is a must!
  • Show What you Know – Always list your job experience first, but then list your education. Organize your Education list the same way you did for Job Experience, reverse chronological order.
  • Date it – When listing your job history, always include the dates in which you worked there. For job experience try to include the month and year of when you started, and finished at the job. For education it is only necessary to include the year. The Employer will be more interested in the degree you received.
  • Extras – Including an Objective Statement is usually not necessary. Only include an Objective Statement if you need to explain why your job experience does not match the job you are applying for. Another way to show you are qualified for a job that might seem unfit with your experience is to include a short list of skills you have. (ex. Proficient in Microsoft applications, Excellent verbal, and written communication, etc.)
Following these simple tips will drastically improve your resume!
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