College Degree Opens Doors

Entrepeneur  magazine cited a survey done by the career website Glassdoor.  In summary, while a college degree may open doors, it is not a trump card.  Over 3 in 4 college educated workers surveyed agree that employers value work experience more than education.  However, “it’s not exactly a secret that when you send in your resume, it’s scanned by a machine to find the initials BA or BS.”

A shift in our national approach to education is predicted: less reliance on traditional four-year colleges, and more interest in online education, as well as apprenticeship and two year training programs.

However, not having that college degree is a still a risky bet at this time, and certain careers currently require and will most likely continue to require college degrees.  The more education and training you have, the more valuable and successful you will be once you are hired!
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