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Job Searching in 2015

U.S. News & World Report recently published an article on the latest trends in searching for a job.  Methods and timeframes are changing due to the following factors:

  • More job seekers than jobs
  • Technology changes
  • Updated hiring processes

So what does this mean for you?

May take longer than you think.  You may need to go through multiple interviews and additional steps.  Employer’s own estimate of the hiring process time may be less than actual.

Simply being qualified won’t get you an interview.  Employers are inundated with applications from many qualified candidates.  Many qualified candidates don’t even get interviews.  You need to show that you’d excel at the job.  Write a compelling cover letter, have a strong resume that demonstrates a clear track record of success in the key areas that the employer is seeking.  Ensure your resume contains the key words that the company indicated in the job posting, as many companies now electronically scan resumes for these, before even taking the next step.  Use your network whenever possible.

Increasing reliance in online applications.  Be prepared to fill out a lengthy online form, divulging specific personal information.

Tough to change fields.  Selling your skills as transferable can be difficult when there are plenty of other candidates who won’t require any ramp-up time or training.  Do anything you can to get experience in the new field, such as volunteer work or apprenticeships.

You may be asked to demonstrate your work in action.  This can be done via writing tests, skills assessments, problem-solving simulations, role plays and creating mock work plans.  This should not take a significant amount of time – or it becomes unreasonable.

Working with an employment agency, such as Integrated Staffing may help streamline some of this process for you!

Choosing the Right Career

For several years, surveys have indicated that the majority of workers are not happy in their job.  To address this, you may have been told “follow your passion”, or “do what you love”.  While true, it is not always helpful.  You probably enjoy many things, so what will make you happy? People are not always… Continue Reading

Calling About a Job

Whether you are contacting an employment agency or a company in response to a specific job posting, there are key steps to take, to ensure the best outcome from that initial call. Do your research first.  Search the internet for information on the company and thoroughly review their website.  Make sure you understand their products… Continue Reading

College Degree Opens Doors

Entrepeneur  magazine cited a survey done by the career website Glassdoor.  In summary, while a college degree may open doors, it is not a trump card.  Over 3 in 4 college educated workers surveyed agree that employers value work experience more than education.  However, “it’s not exactly a secret that when you send in your… Continue Reading

Work Ethic Matters

More and more businesses are having issues with employee work ethic.  For both the company’s AND your success, a strong work ethic is essential. So what does work ethic mean?  The principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward.  It is a value based on hard work and diligence. What are the… Continue Reading

National Labor Projections

The Bureau of Labor Statistics posted their economic and employment projections for 2012-2022.  Healthcare related occupations and industries are projected to add the most jobs overall.  In general, occupations that typically require post-seconday education are expected to grow faster than occupations that require a high school diploma or less. The labor force is expected to… Continue Reading

February Jobs Report: US Economy gains 295,000 jobs!

The U.S. economy gained 295,000 jobs in February, the 13th consecutive month employers added more than 200,000 to their payrolls. Meanwhile the unemployment rate dropped to 5.5%. The labor market continues to tighten and more employees are making changes in their employment. Over the past 12 months, 3.3 million more Americans have gotten jobs. More… Continue Reading

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