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Putting out fires…

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Firefighters fighting the Colorado Blackforest Fire left the following note for homeowners whose house they saved.

The note read: “Sorry for tracking the upstairs carpet, needed to close windows to keep fire out!”

The homeowner, who posted a picture of the note under the Reddit screen name Nmky77, wrote with it “Colorado Blackforest Fire – Firefighters left this note after saving our house. Cried for about 10 minutes after seeing this.”

Times where you seem to do nothing but react to issues and problems that keep cropping up seemingly out of nowhere?  The resulting distraction keeps you from getting to those things that you want/need to do, they are frustrating, may take more than one attempt to fix and will result in low morale and affect your relationship with clients.

What does this have to do with jobs and employment? Going above and beyond is going to set you apart.  When fire is raging around you, the dictates of good customer service and solid support should still be as important as putting out the fire.

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