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A Clever, Clever Resume

Dubost, a web product manager, built a webpage that is a near-perfect ringer for an product page, with himself as the product.

What a great way to generate interest in a valuable commodity, himself!

He created a stir and has received so many responses that he has spent the last 36 hours answering every response.

Is this the way to get a new position or is it too creative and out there? In his industry, web management and development, I think this hits all the right notes.  Visit his website at

Remember, there is such a thing as too much, make sure to gear your résumé to the position you are seeking.

Saratoga Business Journal Article 1/2013

Check out Dhianna Yezzi’s article in the January edition of the Saratoga Business Journal: Employment Outlook-2013 With the fiscal cliff negotiations behind us and despite the upcoming debt ceiling debates, the employment outlook for 2013 should continue its positive, albeit slow, pace.  After 34 straight months of job growth, the positive trend is likely to . Employers continue added 155,000… Continue Reading

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